Modern methods of dental treatment

Each person has their own idea of beauty. Some believe that the real attraction is the wealth of the soul, others prefer the original image and the external irresistibility. However, neither one nor the other will not argue with the fact that beautiful and healthy teeth is incredibly decorated with the image, and attractive smile, in turn, excites and fascinates.Today, not everyone can boast of impeccable condition of the teeth. Darkened from Smoking enamel coating as a result of poor hygiene and other unpleasant complications occur quite often.In order to restore the health of your teeth, you should schedule an appointment with the dentist. Today, thanks to modern technology, medicine will be able to handle almost any task.One of the most popular services provided by dental clinics is whitening. The most popular Zoom method, which was developed by a dentist Vilm Dorfman from the USA. It boils down to the fact that on the surface of the enamel is applied to a special oxygen-containing gel, which under the radiation of a special lamp whitens teeth, and very gently, without causing any harm to the surface.Also one of the important components in dentistry is prosthetics. As is known, it is used in the case, if people for one reason or another lost their own teeth. This is a rather complex process, carried out with anesthesia. He is the installation of the prosthesis, which is exactly the same size, shape and other parameters of the tooth, in place of the missing units. Dentures can be of two types: fixed and removable. The first represent the inlays and crowns. And the latter are only output when actually lost all his teeth, and the possibility of their recovery is missing.Do not forget that in dentistry and solve other important problems associated with the health of the oral cavity. For example, such as the treatment of pulpitis, caries, periodontal disease, and others. In addition, quite often used the so-called implantation. Its essence consists in the installation of a special kind of implant that after a certain period of time is mounted crown. Use this method if the tooth is not completely lost, that is partially destroyed and is aesthetically unappealing appearance.

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