Modern methods for facial rejuvenation

Every woman strives as far as possible to "move" the aging process of your face. The factors that "drive" the process is not even age, than sure many, and the woman's body, that is, its state. Excessive passion Sunny procedures also accelerates the wear" persons. Is a hereditary factor. Therefore, over time, women are willing to go for facial rejuvenation using different methods. But not every woman can decide to have surgery for a facelift. Modern cosmetology offers many methods for rejuvenation, in which the surgeon's scalpel does not participate.

The essence of non-surgical methods

All anti-aging treatments designed to collagen fibers as quickly as possible was recovered. These structures are of special protein eventually dissolved, and the skin loses its former elasticity.


The use of leeches stimulates metabolic processes in the skin. The secret, which is marked with leeches, normalizes hormonal level, a person so quickly rejuvenated.

Laser rejuvenation

This procedure gives very quick results. The beam acts on the inner layers of the skin, while the upper layer is not affected. Metabolic processes in the skin increase, and she begins to change for the better.

About mesotherapy

This procedure provides for subcutaneous administration of special drugs that stimulate the production of the protein collagen. Mesotherapy is often used as the most effective method when starting the ageing of your skin. This method allows you to restore facial contours and even to eliminate double chin. Experienced beauticians are "cocktail" of vitamins, minerals, hylauronic acid, plant extracts, and organic acids.

The ozone rejuvenation

When processing facial skin ozone blood microcirculation is improved, subcutaneous tissue is updated. Ozone is used for injections in those areas of the face that can be called problematic: for example, this zone of the upper and lower eyelids.


In this method of rejuvenation is applied to radio frequency radiation that penetrates deep beneath the skin. The temperature of the tissue increases collagen and elastin updated faster.


This technique, which is based on the use of light pulses, are very popular currently. It is completely painless, no side effects, is very fast. By applying such a procedure,you can not only get rid of wrinkles on the face, but from age spots, as well as from vascular "stars".


This technique is used Union light pulses and high frequency current. Pulses penetrating the skin, "start" the process of formation of new collagen fibers, and the face begins to look younger.

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Currently discusses how facial rejuvenation with stem cells, but to apply this method in no hurry, as it is not clear how will this procedure on the entire body.

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