Modern men do not narcissism fewer women

Research conducted by Joe Hemmingson proves that modern men paying their appearance time not less than women. In addition, they do twice more pictures with him, informs The Daily Mail.

The researchers concluded that such behavior is the norm for the modern man. In fact, it is the male form of vanity. Men also want to be beautiful and to show its beauty to yourself and others. The survey, which was attended by more than 2 thousand people, proved that mania photograph herself attracted a large number of men. Often they missed a really interesting scene to shoot.

Fashion to share images via social networks, including Instagram, covered and representatives of a strong half of mankind. Men hurry to put a picture to assess their virtual friends. Most of the photos, according to psychologists, are made solely for the purpose of boasting.

More than half of the respondents admitted that upload pictures to social networks once took a photograph. It is often the case, when the man took the picture immediately on arrival at the resort, to his friends appreciated his style and the degree of collateralization. Perhaps it really is important for men.

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