The use in modern models of running shoes absorbing insoles – the usual marketing ploy, which helps to reduce production. Manufacturers say that their new sneakers reduce stress on joints and tendons. In fact, the sneakers the traditional forms through the use of orthotic insoles are the safest for the feet.

Interesting another fact. The presence of the insole arch support does not affect the risk of soft tissue injuries (muscles, tendons, articular surfaces). Better to give money for personal insoles made taking into account the peculiarities of the foot than buy another pair of fashionable running shoes. This is the conclusion of researchers.

Note, in another study, researchers from Exeter University came to a similar conclusion. They proved that need to run in shoes with hard soles. In this case, landing occurs on the sock. Running toe to heel is considered the most physiological, it reduces the stress on the joints and improves the results.

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