Modern implants

In our time, the implantation has no upper age limit, and this is the opportunity to bring a full bite people who have lost a tooth or several. Reliability and aesthetics of the implant is significantly higher compared to crowns, pins or bridges. In fact qualitatively implanted implant does not differ, either functionally or visually from a healthy natural tooth. Also significant is the fact that when installing a single implant, the adjacent teeth Neve never injured - there's no need to grind or to place on them, temporarily or permanently, any additional constructions. Even if significantly damaged jaw, innovative technologies help to build bone tissue, and to place implants in most of these "hopeless" cases.

Unfortunately, implantation, as with any other surgery, has some contraindications. Most often this type of dental services is contraindicated in patients with the following diseases: diabetes type II, taking place at the moment or recently have undergone a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, patients suffering from various blood diseases, patients on cancer of the bone marrow, suffering from disorders of immune or autoimmune diseases. In addition to health indicators, will also be considered physical condition, and the bone, and all the nerve endings of the jaw. In each case the decision on whether or not the operation for inserting a "third teeth" will be accepted by the implantologist individually.

And yet, despite a growing increase in the number of dental clinics offering dental implants, the price of such prostheses remains significantly high. Implants available to patients with incomes above the average, because at present the average cost of implantation of one tooth in the Russian dental clinics can range from 20 to 50 thousand rubles, the Price will vary depending on the complexity of the surgery required for this material. The price may also vary from the location of the clinic, usually in the capital, the price is higher than in the regions. In the case when it is necessary to implant next few standing teeth, then of course the cost can be reduced by using special designs of dental crowns. With more than detailed information on dental implants, as well as with prices, can be found on the website

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