Modern children know little about food

The statistics speak for themselves: 10% of children, according to the survey, believe that pears grow only in pairs, and parsnips grow on trees. One in ten children did not even know that the nucleus of pea are initially placed in the pods, and the ham is processed pork. About it writes edition The Daily Mail.

20% of children under the age of eight did not know what butter is made from milk. 7% is generally considered that it is made directly in the stores. 6% were convinced that chocolate grows on trees.

There are other interesting facts which is worth a stop. Children often do not categorize allergic to a certain food group by the products. Many believed that if you are allergic to eggs you can eat scrambled or fried. A similar story was observed with the nuts and peanut butter.

Approximately one third of children are unable to tell scientists how making bread. This situation is quite simple to explain: many children have never in my life had not attended the cooking from the beginning to the end.

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