Moderate drinking people actually drink more

Those people who think they are moderate consumers of alcoholic beverages are self-deceived. Actually, they use 40 percent more alcohol than it would seem.

A study by British scientists found that the so-called "craftsmen drink," that is, who is a supporter of moderate consumption of alcohol, in reality destroy your body not worse inveterate alcoholics.

Scientists have assembled a group of volunteers who were drinkers, and asked them to estimate what amount of alcohol they drink daily and weekly basis. Volunteers conducted a detailed diary, which described the number of alcoholic drinks they consumed. Summarizing, scientists estimate that in fact the so-called moderate consumers of alcohol, drank as much as forty percent alcohol more than they themselves thought.

Men exceeded the recommended doses for 3-4 servings, which is equivalent to 700 milliliters of beer with chetyrehrazovym alcohol, and women exceeded 2-3 servings, which corresponds to the glass or 175 milliliters of wine. In General, studies have shown that each of them drank a glass of wine more than he thought.

All study participants were well aware of the dangers of alcohol, but despite this, 60 percent of them are not going to quit, or at least to reduce the amount of alcohol, which they eat.

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Scientists recommend to dilute the liquor with water, mineral water or juice, and 2-3 days a week to maintain a "dry law".

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