Mobile phones will help in the diagnosis of skin cancer

It's time to use smartphone cameras in order self-diagnosis. Experts from the center UTHealth has created a program for diagnostics of skin tumors on still images. The development in the first place will help reduce the mortality from melanoma in countries where access to modern medicine is limited.

"The technology can be used by doctors in developing countries, when they have no opportunity to use traditional microscopes," says Richard Jung-tai, Professor of dermatologist.

Smartphones will never appreciate a precision microscope to make a diagnosis. But to suspect a skin cancer photos. The probability of correct diagnosis by only one photo is approximately 60%.

As a prefix to the camera, scientists propose to use plastic lenses. A whole set of them will cost $ 14. Until there are test results created by the system 1021 to the skin samples. In 136 cases had a confirmed diagnosis of cancer. The program confirmed 15 cases of melanoma and 94 cases of squamous cell skin cancer.

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