More and more tasks that people outsource mobile device. We no longer memorize phone numbers, birthdays of all friends, keep in mind the information about upcoming meetings. Now almost any information can be downloaded to a smartphone or to find on the Internet. It would seem that such unloading is good for the brain. However, scientists say the deterioration of memory associated with new technologies. People increasingly difficult to remember details and accurate data, says NDTV.

The researchers analyzed the results of several studies and has received quite apparent. Here are a few examples. Drivers with the Navigator were much harder to remember the way, when this Navigator at the time did not. Photographing the exhibits in the Museum, too, for anything good does not, in the memory of a hike, we had very little information.

In another study was received very alarming information. Many children under the age of three, the scientists, know how to use a smartphone, a mouse, able to run the game, but I can't tie shoelaces or cook yourself a simple Breakfast.

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