Mobile phones provoke allergies in children - study

Experts have found out that mobile phones can cause the development of allergies in children. Such data in his article published edition of Pediatric Allergy, Immunology, and Pulmonology.

The findings have been made in the study. Experts have studied the concentration of metals contained in the parts of the phone. As it turned out, some compounds are able to influence people.

Managed to establish that the Nickel is part of technical products, causes in children allergic contact dermatitis. When this disease affects the skin, develops itching, rash. Pathology requires drug therapy and develops in close contact with the allergen.

If we consider the mobile phone, contact dermatitis often develops on the hands and face (in contact with your phone during a call).

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Scientists say, with age, the tendency to develop allergies to weak allergens is reduced. You should protect the child from technical means at least until the age of five.

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