Mobile phones once again recognized as life-threatening

In our days no one can not imagine my life without a mobile phone. It has become not only fashionable, but also a necessity. Experts in the field of health once again remind that the number of mobile phones exceeded the number of so-called "bathroom hygiene". However, who consider it necessary to note that in 2011, mobile phones were ranked as potential carcinogens. This conclusion is based on the fact that the studies have established an important role of cell phones in the process of causing cancer.

Until recently, mainly in the press, there were publications that has been proven harm phones and denied it. Last week was not an exception: scientists from Israel, announced the results of a large-scale study in which it was found that radiation from cell phones, promotes more rapid process of cell division of the cancer.

A study of Israeli oncologists was to study patients who have suffered from cancer of the thyroid, and obtained results, in turn, leave no doubt that their hypothesis matches and other forms of cancer.

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