Mobile phone and men's health

To remain without heirs at risk are men of modern civilization, but it is one of those men who, for several hours a day using a mobile phone. This is eloquently says a recent study by Australian scientists.

An experiment in which healthy male seed for 16 hours was influenced by radiation, similar to the waves of cell phones, gave the following result is a deformation of the DNA, writes the online edition

The results of the research scientists of Australia confirmed the findings of that earlier were made by American specialists. Scientists from the United States was formulated assertion that men who are prone to frequent communication by cell phone, the number of live sperm to 40 percent less than those citizens who are less mouthy.

To conduct such an unusual experiment, scientists from the University of Newcastle was established by a special instrument. This unit was that it was irradiated sperm at the same frequencies and wavelengths, as a normal mobile phone while talking.

"After exposure to radiation, we observed significant deformation of the structure of DNA in the sperm. I'll note that this initial and very preliminary, but nevertheless, they also raise serious concerns," said research Director Professor John Aitken.

Deformation of the DNA also has an impact on the increase in the degree of infertility, but in the case of pregnancy risk of miscarriage and illness, which in the future may acquire offspring. In particular, such deformation of the DNA have a direct relationship with the development of childhood cancer and mental disorders - autism and even schizophrenia.

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Studies have shown that the so-called oxidative stress, and cause the destruction of DNA. Stress happens in the case when the number of free radicals in the body men exceeds the capacity of the anti-oxidative systems of the body.

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