Mobile devices lead to stroke

Mobile devices have become an integral part of modern man. Many have several gadgets that are constantly in use. Previously, scientists have noted that the constant contact with displays and monitors can lead to a significant reduction of vision and the emergence of chronic fatigue syndrome, because the body needs time to rest from mobile devices and computers.

Recently, a group of scientists from the University of Exeter conducted a study, which found that the constant use of mobile gadgets can lead to increased risk of stroke. The disease is associated with rupture of large arteries that feed the brain. Pathology often ends in death or serious disability that does not allow you to engage in normal activities. Scientists say that the reason is tungsten. This metal is contained in large quantities in modern devices. Sometimes equipment manufacturers do not pay enough attention to this indicator.

Recent studies have shown that elevated concentrations of this metal significantly increases the risk of stroke. This particularly applies to the age group over 50 years. The high content of tungsten provokes oxidative reactions in cells that lead to the violation of their duties and further their death. This factor thinning the walls of blood vessels that causes the increased risk of stroke.

However, you cannot be entirely sure about the relationship of the concentration of tungsten and the abundance of mobile devices the modern man. Experts do not exclude that the increased concentration may develop as a result of imperfect manufacturing cycles, when the metal can contaminate water, soil and air. He then gets into the food and tap water and then in writing. This method is an alternative development of vascular disease in humans and can also serve as one of the causes of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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