Mobile devices are stolen from us hours allotted for sleep

Chris Idzikowski, doctor and Director of the sleep center in Edinburgh, conducted a study which found that 90% of respondents are willing to sacrifice healthy sleep for the extra time spent on the Internet. The main reason for this lies in the desire to be constantly connected, reports The Age.

20% of respondents are unable to stop in time constantly checking Twitter, Facebook. They are just afraid to miss an important message. The majority of the respondents in this group complained of poor sleep at night and morning fatigue. Doctors believe that the reason for this is the negative blue light and radiation from the computer screen or phone.

Blue color is the natural color. It is somewhat inhibits the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness. Dr. Chris Idzikowski believes that the pace of development of new technologies is rapid, and the person has to wrest from them the last hours of healthy sleep. He can't leave their devices at night. The doctor advises to turn off the phone and the computer 30 minutes before bedtime to improve sleep.

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