Miscarriages provoke thyroid disease

A group of scientists, the head of which was the doctor Gubbin Jagan from Christian Medical College, Punjab, revealed that during pregnancy, even the smallest deviations in the thyroid gland can cause the most serious complications of its course. Doctors say: "the Consequences can be so serious that every pregnant woman will have to undergo the first two weeks of the survey question dysfunction in the thyroid gland".

If this kind of dysfunction will be revealed, then passing the first trimester of her current should be under the supervision of a physician. The thyroid gland is in the neck. This gland performs a very important function - produces hormones which help to transform the consumed food into energy. Excessively low levels of hormones (or hypothyroidism) is accompanied by such symptoms as chronic fatigue, excessive, until pain sensitivity to cold, depression, and constipation.

During pregnancy hypothyroidism carries a deadly threat to the fetus. Abnormalities in the thyroid gland inevitably increase the risk of spontaneous (early) abortion, and simply put, miscarriage and stillbirth, as well as leads to low weight of the baby at birth. Even if the moderate pathology and the diagnosis of hypothyroidism and no speech, according to the observations of doctors from the clinic Punjab doubled the number of abortions at the 20th week of pregnancy, preterm birth seven times and higher, and when the child is born with low birth weight ten times.

If the inspection of a condition of the thyroid gland was identified pathology, effective control of its condition, you can use a special hormonal preparations that contain thyroid-stimulating hormone. The researchers concluded: "From the 1st thousands of women at 263 was diagnosed with a small deviation in the thyroid gland, which pregnant women and even could not suspect, since there was brightly expressed symptoms." Because doctors recommend every woman in 1st trimester to pass a required examination, because the health of the unborn baby is in direct relation.

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