Mirror force people to overeat - the scientists

Specialists in the Netherlands in the course of the experiment established that excessive sitting at the mirror increases the amount of food consumed. Just experiment involved 100 people.

Volunteers were divided into two groups. One had to consider his reflection in the mirror, others it was forbidden. Scientists have noticed that the more often people approached the mirror, the more he looked into the fridge in search of food.

The results scientists call is ambiguous. It turns out that too much attention to his own shape increases the propensity for overeating.

In another experiment were obtained exactly the same results. Two groups of volunteers were shown a video with an emphasis on fitness and body image or neutral videos. Those who watched the video with beautiful and slender people, absorbed after the experience of more food.

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Egocentrism and propensity for examining one's own body lead to stress, which need to cope with. Overeating is just one way.

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