Minor problems with memory shorten our lives

If you are faced with mild cognitive impairment - you have a decreased concentration and memorization skills, then you have high chances of shortening life, according to scientists from Indiana University. Moderate cognitive impairment affect the life expectancy as diabetes and chronic heart failure.

Cognitive impairment weaken memory, reduced ability to learn, which can further lead to illness or accident.

Scientists have found that even mild cognitive impairment affect survival. In research took part 3957 patients, of which 533 were mild cognitive disorders, and 267 moderate and severe.

During the observation of the participants without cognitive problems died at 57 per cent among participants with mild disabilities died 68 percent, and 79 percent among people with severe disorders of cognitive skills.

The life expectancy of the patient without violations amounted to 138 months, with impaired 106 and 63, respectively.

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The doctors expect that as the population ages, the prevalence of cognitive impairment will only grow.

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