Not to worry, their place will be nurses who have undergone special training. "We already have a baccalaureate preparing nurses with higher education, however, there is no such module education, which would be directed to the school of medicine. Today this module we have formed with experts. And they will be embedded in the standard of education in nursing higher education. And we will begin to start in schools," - said Tatiana Yakovleva, Deputy Minister of health of the Russian Federation.

The nurse in the school can perform more than 70% of all cases that are duties of physician. The main thing is finding a specialist on the spot. If necessary the doctor can always be called, and most types of quick assistance on the spot can provide nurses with a special certificate. To get it will be able workers nursing staff from 1 September 2016.

To evaluate the results of innovations can only be made after 3-4 years. Note, the above-described practice was introduced in 2014 in the schools of Estonia. There are physicians in schools are fully replaced by nurses.

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