Ministry of health: Hospital selects each independently

The Ministry of health issued a new order, according to which any person may obtain medical care insurance in their favourite and selected clinic ( within the region) .

To do this, the citizen must submit an application to the clinic with a number of your insurance policy and other information, to provide an original birth certificate ( for children), the passport of the Russian Federation, health insurance and a list of other documents at the request of the clinic. Then, the medical institution shall, within 2 working days to send a letter to the former institution, where he was listed as a citizen, a letter of confirmation data. Since then, the citizen is removed from the care in the same clinic and enters the new office.

To change the clinic to which the citizen will be attributed, you do not more frequently than once per year. Because the choice of clinics should be approached with great care. It is known that the greater the load on the site, the more work the doctors, longer queues and more difficult to get fast acceptance on the record, because when making self-selection should pay attention to the number of clients of the clinic, quality of service, technical basis.

The clinic also can advise the doctor if the patient requires special care or maintenance of his illness experienced doctor.

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