Mimics baby develops in the womb

Babies develop their facial expressions - purse nose, pull his lips, frowning even before birth, in the womb, this is the conclusion reached by scientists from the University of Durham. Movements and facial expressions become more complex as the fetus develops. The researchers performed a shooting fetuses between 24 and 35 weeks of pregnancy, images could be distinguished clearly different, quite recognizable, facial expressions, and with the increasing complexity of the expressions grew. We used 4-D ultrasound image of the child in the womb, reminiscent of the video, the research was based on two female infants. The first movement was apparent at 24 weeks pregnant, it was the movement of the lips. With the passage of time to it was added a stir nose and morwena forehead. 35 week was observed combinations of 3-4 movements. All scientists were able to consist of 19 different types of facial movements. However, the study's lead author Nadja Reissland notes that facial expressions do not mean that the fetus feels appropriate emotions, the baby just didn't know such a gamut of emotions. Most likely it is just a form of practice, because mimicry is an important part of a successful social existence and it helps to stop communication with older people. Also kids can thumb sucking in the womb or do breathing motion, which will be useful to them as soon as they are born.

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