Milk teeth have become a valuable source of stem cells

British doctors suggested a seven-year Becca Graham, living in the Scottish South Lanarkshire, to participate in the program, involving the use of stem cells derived from deciduous teeth. According to The Daily Mail, in accordance with the program of the teeth of the girls were frozen for in the future be used to treat diseases such as, for example, spinal injuries, stroke, diabetes, cancer and liver disease.

As it turned out, the milk teeth, namely pulp, are considered by physicians as a valuable source of cells. Two front teeth Becky will be stored at least 30 years. Their deletion made by the girl's father, who is a dentist. It should be noted that the use of cells from teeth previously practiced by physicians in the regeneration of bones and the treatment of periodontitis.

The idea to collect cells from the girl's parents came almost immediately after she was born. Be used for collection of umbilical cord blood they had not. Despite the fact that technology personalized treatment is not currently developed, parents Becky hope that changes in this direction have to wait is not long.

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