Milk in the morning will allow you to keep in shape

Scientists from Australia have discovered a new method of losing weight. As it turned out, in order to lose weight you just need in the morning to drink milk. Drinking one glass of milk for Breakfast, man provides himself from the set calories at lunch.

It is the opinion of scientists is based on the results of the experience, which involved 30 volunteers. Half of them every morning, drank drank a glass of milk, and half the juice. At lunchtime they ate the same food and drank the same drinks. At the conclusion of the experiment was that drank in the morning, the milk group of people not only gained weight, but dropped it. This was due to the fact that they are at lunch time gained 9% fewer calories.

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In the Cup fat milk contains 120 calories and a glass of juice - 150. Therefore, scientists recommend to those who are accustomed to drink juice in the morning, replace it with milk. In the milk of many nutrients, and plus, it allows individuals to stay slim.

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