Migraine with aura is the second leading risk factors for heart attack and stroke

Women who suffer from unbearable headaches, in other words, migraine, accompanied by visual disturbance, exposed to the risk of their heart attack and stroke, reports The Daily Mail. Conducted among 27860 women study revealed 1435 suffering from migraine with aura patients.

Experts believe that migraine is on the second place among the factors that cause heart attack and stroke. The study lasted for a long time. During this time, scientists were able to fix 1030 cases of death from stroke, heart attack, and other diseases of the cardiovascular system, caused by migraine with aura.

Study author Tobias Kurth of the French national Institute of health believes that after hypertension, migraine with aura ranks second among risk factors, beating such diseases as diabetes, obesity, Smoking.

As underlined by Kurt, those women who suffer from migraines with aura, three times more prone to heart attacks and strokes than those who have impaired vision is missing.

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