Migraine - symptoms and treatment

Migraine is a common neurological disorder that is caused by disturbance of vasomotor regulation. It is characterized by the sudden appearance of a strong and recurring headaches. Their duration can range 4-72 hours. For many people a headache is a common phenomenon, so most of them don't see the point to address with this problem to the doctor and just take usual migraine drugs. The exception to this is when the migraine appears regularly and is characterized by severe pain.


According to statistics most susceptible to this disease women. Generally, most cases of migraine seen in people aged 30 to 35 years. In addition, it was found that as a separate disease doesn't occur in people over fifty years. Before selecting medicines for the treatment of migraine, it is necessary to determine the type of the disease. Upon detection of cervical migraine, it is recommended to consult a physician.

Every individual that is suffering from this disease, familiar with its symptoms, which precede the appearance of pain. This:

At the first appearance of these sensations, it is recommended to postpone all business, move to fresh air, drinking strong sweet tea with lemon or lie down and relax. Usually during sleep problem takes place itself, not typing full force.

Treatment of migraine

The best way to cope with migraines is to repay it at the beginning of its occurrence, when there were only the first typical precursors of headache. For relief of symptoms are pain relievers migraine drugs, which are sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Is acetaminophen, aspirin, aspirin, trimaran and ibuprofen. To determine the effectiveness of drugs and their ability to relieve the pain they are taken early in the disease.

First aid depends on the severity and frequency of attacks, however, is always accompanied by the application of preventive or pain medicines. When pain medications do not give a proper result, and to localize the pain at home was not possible, it is recommended to take measures to reduce its intensity and duration, taking special drugs to treat migraine prescribed by a doctor and marked by a more pronounced effect of anesthesia. However, you need to remember that taking different pills should be performed no more than three hours.

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