Migraine: Eastern medicine is more effective than drug therapy

In the journal "Cephalalgia" had published a randomized study in a Taiwanese University. This study shows the benefits of Oriental medicine, including acupuncture, before drug therapy in the treatment of migraine.

The aim of the research was to investigate the efficacy of acupuncture and drug topiramate in the treatment and prevention of migraine attacks. For patients with migraine attacks were divided into two groups. The first group received 24 acupuncture sessions over 12 weeks, the second group took the drug topiramate for four weeks, the dose of the drug was listed individually with 25 mg per day.

The results were evaluated on the following points: the number of days with migraine, tolerability. In the group with acupuncture from 20.2 days per month with migraine decreased the number of attacks to 9.8 days with migraine headache per month. In the group with medical therapy with topiramate decrease was less pronounced from 19.8 to 12.0 days with migraine.

With regard to tolerability of side effects was observed in 66 percent in the group with medical treatment and 6% in the acupuncture group.

According to the chief researcher Dr. Guan Tian - acupuncture may be considered as an option for the prevention and treatment of migraine, since the method has shown good results on efficacy and safety.

Now acupuncture is not included in the standards for the treatment of migraines and is an alternative or additional method of prevention.

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