Migraine and methods of treatment

Under migraine medicine refers to a chronic disease in neurology, which is characterized by the appearance of headaches, with different intensity, accompanied by nausea, photophobia, impaired in vegetative-vascular system.

To get rid of migraine attacks, you need to recognize the approaching attack and to take measures that will protect from unpleasant feelings. Before the onset of headache man becomes tearful, irritable, increased appetite, felt thirst. It is best when you recognize these symptoms to go to bed, and then the headache will pass quickly without striking manifestations.

Taking painkillers before the attack will help to avoid pain. The most effective tool in the fight against oncoming migraine attack is caffetin, which consists of codeine, propyphenazone, paracetamol. Due to such structure of caffetin able to cope with migraines. The advantage of the combined funds is that the content of each component is small, which helps to avoid side effects.

Migraine treatment may include the use of special funds, which are issued in the form of tablets or in the form of candles. Reception of such preparations should begin in the midst of the attack. The use of candles will be expedient when nausea and vomiting during an attack. Unfortunately, some types of migraine are not influenced by these drugs. It is also worth noting that these drugs can not be taken with ischemic heart disease and hypertension.

It is important to remember that drugs are not a panacea. The task of the medical drugs is the reduction of pain for some time, a mild attack, but not the treatment of disease. To combat migraine should start to live a healthy lifestyle, try to alternate the mental and physical exertion as often as possible to walk in the fresh air. However, while walking one must be careful, as even the pine scent can trigger a migraine attack.

To control the pain in your head should start to practice yoga, take homeopathic medicines. Also come to the aid and acupuncture. However, largely a means in the struggle with the disease are determined by the individual characteristics of the human body. Before treatment it is recommended to visit a doctor to listen to his recommendations, to find out about factors that provoke attacks of the disease.

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