Migraine and cardiovascular disease are linked, scientists say

Experts from the broad Institute conducted an analysis of studies on genes associated with cardiovascular diseases and migraines. In the first study, researchers evaluated the genes of 20 thousand people with migraine and 55 thousand healthy people. The second study involved 21 people with diseases of heart, vessels and 63 thousands of people without visible pathology.

Scientists have found a correlation between cardiovascular disease and migraine at the genetic level. In people with migraine without aura was frequently detected genes protect heart muscle from damage, writes WebMD.

Now it is the answer to the question, why in the presence of such genes in people with migraine is still faced with heart disease more often than usual. Perhaps this will be the topic for the following scientific papers. Scientists suggest that it may be in the other, have not been studied genes. Also certain is the impact of other factors: excess weight, lack of physical activity, bad habits and depression.

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