Microsoft will deliver mankind from the cancer in 5-10 years

The problem of cancer will be solved in 5-10 years, says Microsoft. While also noted a marked increase in the number of cancer patients. In some countries this group of diseases have overtaken cardiovascular disease death rates of the population.

Experts from Microsoft compare cancer with a set of computer viruses. First, the researchers plan to create computer systems that mimic the biological system of a living organism. Take some time and diligence of the best minds in the world to develop such a computing unit.

Next, the computer will be able to find a way to cure most diseases. A priority system will be the cancer disease. You may be a drug that completely cures cancer.

At the moment the existing system of treatment of cancer is in the developing condition. There is some progress in the treatment of cancer patients, but some types of the disease very difficult to treat. Experts from Microsoft believe that this problem can be solved in the next decade, combining the efforts of scientists and the capacity of the largest computer Corporation.

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