"Microbial cloud" may replace fingerprints

To do the fingerprints is practically impossible; however, there is a more individual thing – "microbial cloud" person. Each of us has a personal set of bacteria living in harmony with the microorganism.

"Trillions of bacteria live on the human body. All together they make up the microbiome. In air bacteria enter directly from the human body, with clothes and dust," says James meadow, the study's author. In the experiment, he asked volunteers to sit in a room with full sterility. Each subject received a net laptop, a chair, personal clothing. For two hours these things were occupied by bacteria of a human. The material collected group of scientists have analyzed and reached a conclusion.

Bacterial composition of each person is individual, writes Live Science. The researchers compared "the cloud of bacterial" fingerprints and suggested that in the future bacteria will become use to protect personal data and the compilation of medical records.

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