Microbes attach to wine and grapes unique taste

As the scientists, the grapes grown on a single vineyard, can have a taste different from another, which grows there. In order to choose a good wine, it is not enough to know the year and place of production. For this we need to be aware of the quality and quantity of germs that are on the vine, because this fact significantly modifies the bouquet of the wine taste, obtained from grapes harvested in the same area.

These are the results of a study of a group of scientists from the South African Stellenbosch University headed Mathabatha Setati, which was published in the journal PLOS ONE.

According to the head of the group, an important factor in the wine industry are fungal community. Varieties of microbes that populate the fruits that can change aromatic properties of the obtained wines, and also affect the fermentation process.

To consolidate this hypothesis, the researchers took a sample of grapes from different vines, which are grown on three famous vineyards, each of which applies different from other technology growing grapes - traditional, organic and biodynamic.

The test results showed that the grapes from all three vineyards are dominated by the yeast, but the grapes from the site on which there is no treatment, "populated by a large number of varieties of yeast. In addition, even the slightest differences between the vines in the same vineyard significantly alter the community composition of fungi.

In conclusion Setati added that the results of their research will serve to improve the quality of cultivation of grapes and winemaking in General.

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