Mexico came under the rule of H1N1 flu

The H1N1 flu virus causes the disease not only in humans but also in animals. The first case of infection was recorded in 1931. Since then, the virus was called "swine flu".

The majority of cases occur without any complications. The symptoms and treatment are similar to those of regular flu. However, according to recent data mortality from H1N1 virus is at a higher elevation than the mortality from pneumonia, SARS and other types of flu. It is this factor drawn the attention of scientists.

In Mexico officially registered with 123 deaths, the reason of which is the virus of swine flu. Information published journalists from ABC News.

Now is mass vaccination of the population, which will reduce the number of victims of the disease and to prevent further spreading of the epidemic.

Mexican authorities assure great danger at the country level there. There is no reason for panic. Case of an epidemic of 2009 is not planned. Epidemiologists calm.

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Note that in 2009 in Mexico from swine flu died 1479 people.

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