Methods of water purification in the apartment

As you know, a man of about 70% water, therefore, first of all, you need to take care of the quality of water used to quench thirst, cooking, conducting hygiene, other household needs.

The role of water for humans cannot be overstated. For example, to significantly improve the condition of the hair just enough to softened too hard water. Clean drinking water should be in each apartment. However, the water that is delivered to the homes of our citizens on water supply pipes, clean difficult to call. The reason the legacy system cleanup and the negligence of the workers cleaning stations, paravalue pipe, abuse of chlorine etc.

There are many ways used by citizens for water purification and release her from all sorts of inclusions. Most of them suitable for use in apartment houses.

Chemical method

For purification of water used chlorination and ozonation. Cleaning with bleach, of course, this is a typical echo of the past. But the transmittance through the water gas chlorine can be a good replacement of the chlorine dissolved in the water. Treatment with ozone is also good, but complex in execution technology. Due to its high cost and excessive massiveness large spread she never received. For Hiking, you can use special tablets for water purification, from which, however, do not have to wait for the perfect purity.

Physical method

Boiling allows you to effectively and quickly clean the liquid from microorganisms and pathogens. However, such treatment is practically powerless in the face of some chemical pollutants. However, many people still used for the treatment of drinking water this way.

Water purification UV - a modern, efficient way, but it is used exclusively in industrial facilities. Ultraviolet light kills all the bacteria and not subject to the interference of chemicals.

Mechanical method

Most often, the cleaning water in the house is incumbent on all kinds of filters. Today the market offers a huge variety of functions and features of the units: for cleaning dust, large garbage, chemical substances, etc. the Most popular are the filters jug type and flowing.

Biological method

In recent years, become increasingly popular method of biological purification of water. It involves adding into water of microorganisms, with pleasure consuming pathogenic bacteria, organic matter, etc. They are also able to clean the water from the colloidal impurities.

Some particularly effective system filters combine several methods of disinfection for best results.

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