Methods of treatment of neuroses

Neurosis is a mental disorder of the nervous system, characterized by a change in emotional state, obsessive thoughts, hysteria, this can be expressed by the reduction of mental and physical activity.

Neurotic disease we can buy everywhere: at home, on vacation, at work, wherever it occurs, the stress, and he is the conductor of neurosis. This disease causes the patient's feelings of fear, emotional instability, depression and much more.

Many people being treated for mental disorders through communication with the psychologist who advises and guides the patient on the path of recovery. The specialist must have good experience and be able to establish contacts with patients.

There are many different treatment methods, but not all of them are effective because everyone's body is built differently. Usually these disorders are cared clinic of neurosis which contains the generalists.

Themselves neurotic disease can be different in length, they are divided into: short-term and long-term. The nervousness that lasts for a small period of time, gradually disappear by themselves, but the neurosis that lasts more than three months requires examination and treatment.

Neurotic condition can be cured using various methods.

The first way is medication. The treatment is carried out using various drugs that act on the Central and peripheral nervous system, helping to eliminate the symptoms of anxiety.

The second way - behavioral therapy. Based on the attempt to relieve anxiety and a elimination of the irritant, which causes inadequate response, using learning theory

The third method of psychotherapy. Communication with patients and conducting various techniques to identify the causes of neurosis and its treatment.

The fourth method psychoanalysis. Ideal for those who suffer long neurotic disorders. It is that the doctor is looking for the cause of the disease is associated with childhood, through various associations.

The fifth way is hypnotherapy. The impact on people using hypnosis, suggestion to the patient that the problem disappeared and the elimination of symptoms.

The sixth way is reacting. The identification of the causes of anxiety and a elimination of emotional walls. As soon as the block is cleared, there comes relief.

The seventh way is physical therapy. For the treatment of used electric, which has important significance. With the help of a small discharge current, which affect the brain and nervous system, increases the level of adaptation, reducing the anxiety level.

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