Methods of treatment of male infertility

In the life of any couple there comes a moment when you start to raise questions about the child. Unfortunately, many families celebrated the facts of both male and female infertility. Male infertility is the result of pathological effects on the internal organs of the body. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in potency and the deterioration of the reproducing ability of men.

Prospective parents spend huge amounts of money to get cured from this disease. There are certain methods that are different in nature.

Before seeking treatment or self-treatment, men are required to pass a comprehensive laboratory examination. This type of survey allows to identify the causes of infertility as infection of the genital glands, sexual dysfunction, pathology and anomalies in the development of the genital organs, varicocele and other factors.

Conservative treatment of male infertility is a medical treatment. With medication treated impaired spermatogenesis, which can be caused by infections of the genitals, endocrine disorders, sexual changes. In this case, apply several groups of drugs: angioprotectors, androgens, antiestrogens, biogenic drugs, restore sexual function, boosts the immune system. Restoration of reproductive function by using pathogenesis, immunological and hormonal types of treatments, and psychotherapy.

In case of detection of male anatomical obstacles (varicocele, inguinal hernia) on the path of sperm, then surgery is used. However, the scalpel will not always be able to solve the problem, especially in adults.

If conservative and surgical treatment does not help, use alternative methods, i.e. methods of artificial insemination (insemination). These include fertilization with the sperm of her husband, intracytoplasmic injection and insemination with donor sperm. The choice of a particular method depends on the medical evidence.

One of the methods which has been used for treatment of many diseases, including male infertility, is the mud treatment. Mud Evpatoria, Saki contain a large number of biologically-active and minerals that help to cure the disease without the use of serious medical treatment. Dirt can help with diseases such as hormonal and obstructive infertility, impotence, prostatitis, orchitis and chronic epididymitis.

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