Methods of treatment of herniated discs

A herniated disc is the phrase, unfortunately, in our time at the hearing, many. Today there are more cases of this diagnosis made by medical institutions of our country. A herniated disc (medical name - herniated disc) is a disease that develops due to a rupture in the intervertebral disc of the annulus and the nucleus outward. To better understand what is at stake, it is necessary for yourself to understand that the intervertebral disc is a cartilaginous body, with which the vertebrae are interconnected. He performs a damping function. It's to carry out this important mission in the composition of the intervertebral discs is gelatinous and malozymenove core, limited fibrous ring. A herniated disc occurs when, for any reason, the fibrous ring is broken, and the gelatinous nucleus because of created around him pressure comes out. Such protrusion is most often localized in the area of the spinal canal.

For the treatment of intervertebral hernias traditional medicine offers two methods: conservative and surgical. As a rule, the first person is given a treatment using conservative methods. They are used primarily for basic tasks, aimed at reducing swelling, relief of pain, restoration of function of the spine, the sensitivity of the affected areas return to its former strength to the muscles. Non-surgical treatment of intervertebral hernia involves fairly extensive use of various reflex procedures, such as pharmacopuncture, vacuum therapy, acupuncture, etc.

The use of surgical methods are transferred only in the case when the effect of conservative treatment is missing. During the operation is complete or partial removal of the modified area of the intervertebral disc.

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In the treatment of herniated discs best results allows to achieve a comprehensive application of reflex methods of influence on the damaged areas. Among them the most common are: magnetobacteria, pharmacopuncture, Moxa therapy, vacuum therapy, acupuncture, etc. In this disease, as a rule, for the complete elimination of the problem will take from 2-3 weeks up to 5-6 months. If after this period any improvement no, the doctor recommends that the patient is a surgical intervention for the treatment of herniated discs.

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