Methods of treatment of caries

Tooth decay occurs very often in our time. It is necessary to consider that the treatment depends on the stage of the disease. At the initial stage, the dentist tries to resolve the inflammatory process, resulting in further tissue will not be destroyed. On stage medium, and deep caries will need to clean the root canal, cavity, and sealing the affected area.

So, how do you treat your teeth? Surely it should be noted the following methods:

1. The use of filling materials.

Nowadays dentistry in the field of filling the cavities were able to step forward. Thanks to the composite materials that can be used when installing the seal, can be used to return the tooth main function, beautiful appearance. Very often, the seal becomes almost invisible to outside eyes. Dentists try to use seals made of light-cured materials, which allow you to speed up the process of filling.

2. Treatment of dental caries with ozone.

This method is the most modern. The technique was developed in Germany. Now the treatment can be carried out non-traumatic way. In addition, you can refuse the use of anesthesia, drilling a drill. In some cases, treatment with ozone eliminates the use of a seal. Special ozone machine allows you to renew the structure of an inflamed tooth. Just a few seconds to ensure that the ozone was destroyed by bacteria, fungi, viruses that may be the cause of dental caries, fracture of the tooth. After that ozone was selected from a tooth, turned into oxygen. At the end of the procedure, the dentist should make the processing cavity with a special tool, making it possible to strengthen the tissues.

3. Treatment of dental caries by laser.

In this case, the dentist will need to selectively irradiate the tooth and soft tissue using a special laser. Soon the patient will be able to note that the symptoms of decay are. Among the advantages, it should be noted painless, and selective directional effect on inflamed tissue. It is important to note that this method of treatment may not cause micro-cracks in the tooth enamel. The main disadvantage is that the effect of laser rays on the human body and teeth is almost not studied.

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You should try to prevent tooth decay, which involves a balanced diet, personal hygiene, checkups at the dentist regularly (every six months).

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