Methods of teaching physicians deeply outdated

Professors from Stanford University said in a famous journal of Medicine new England," in med. institutes students should show the videos, it should be a learning process, not by lecturing.

Come from the fact that over the last one hundred years, the education system remained practically unchanged, and in medicine have undergone fundamental changes. Evidence and attending lectures by the students of the English Universities, students are much less likely to visit them, as they can read the same books.

"It's not just something to tell the students and to give them the maximum actual knowledge," sitout the authors of the ideas of Charles Prober and Chip Heath. In addition, modern science has so far progressed that much easier to learn it on visual material.

It is recommended to record the training material in the video length to 15 minutes, which each student can watch as many times as he needed to remember. After viewing students will be expected to do the validation tests. Must also be entered in an interactive discussion on new material, and the teacher should be the one that will lead-based material examples from medical practice.

In accordance with this method was already introduced the basic biochemistry course at one of the universities, attendance at this course immediately rose from 30 percent to 80 percent, although the presence of these lectures was not necessary.

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