Methods of removing moles

A mole or nevus dermatologists called benign formation of the skin, which appears in connection with the violation of melanin secretion and its further metabolism. Basically moles - only cosmetic flaw, but sometimes they become a prerequisite to the formation of melanoma or skin cancer.

If the number of nevi increases unexpectedly, they change shape and color, thicken and bleed - there is a reason to seek immediate medical attention. Moles that are permanent injury clothing and belts, mechanical irritation, should, in consultation with the specialist, immediately remove. Removal of moles in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities are neskolkimi methods.

The oldest method is surgical excision. Suitable for removal of extensive skin lesions. Is performed in a medical facility in a sterile operating room conditions. Local anesthetic is used, after the patient's surgery suture, which are cosmetic and skin, and shoot them through the week. However, as a result of this procedure, the skin remains a scar in a few millimeters, and, consequently, for the face and neck, this operation is not very suitable.

Electrocoagulation method allows a point to remove the small moles. A metal loop with a high frequency current nevus is instantly heated and cut. A small scab-scab falls off in about a week, and at the surgical site remains flat invisible hem. However, the disadvantage of the procedure is that the distribution of heat in the skin tissue is not controlled, and may occur secondary thermal damage, i.e., to suffer and healthy areas. Similarly cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen is microorganism and destruction of the tissues around the operated fields.

Developed radiosurgical coagulating get rid of moles is much safer. It is less traumatic and is suitable for removal of nevi with mucous membranes or body areas with thin skin. Tungsten filament of the device cleans education in one motion. Swelling of the field or no bleeding, postoperative scars are not.

Modern and safe method dermatologists and laser removal of skin lesions. Under local anesthesia the beam slowly "evaporate" one layer moles after the other. Apparatus procedure eliminates contamination or infection of the surface, and after the regeneration of the skin leaving no traces conducted manipulation.

Removing nevus, do not forget to apply sunscreen with a high factor to prevent the appearance of pigmentation on the surgical site.

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