Methods of prosthesis without turning the adjacent teeth

Modern prosthetics is almost perfect the field of dentistry, which can be used to restore the dentition among patients who belong to different age groups.

It should be noted that modern dentistry is constantly evolving. Dentistry has gradually improved, and now you can prosthetics without turning the adjacent.

Several years ago, the loss of one or more teeth could become a real problem. Of course, there was the traditional prosthetics, but it involved turning of the adjacent teeth, which were to be the basis for a new prosthesis tooth.

The main types of prosthesis without turning the adjacent

Experts identify today several types of prosthesis that does not require additional grinding of the teeth. It is the creation of adhesive bridge, creating nylon dentures, creating crowns, and implants. The most effective is considered the implantation. The first option is suitable if you are missing one or two teeth in the same row. The only drawback of this type of prosthetics - dentures will last only up to 2 years.

A great option becomes nylon dentures, which are not only more durable, but also flexible. In addition, they are soft, which will not injure the gums.

The most accessible method is creating crowns. But it is only possible if you saved the root of the tooth. In this case, the crown will sit down on a special pin.

Increasingly starting to use implantation. This is due to the effectiveness of this method. How will be the procedure? On the place where a missing tooth, set the prepared implant. It will take some time for him to prizepilsy. After that will be fixed crown. Its color is chosen in such a way as to match the color of adjacent teeth.

It is obvious that each of these methods may have certain disadvantages. Therefore, the dentist must select the appropriate type of prosthesis without turning the adjacent teeth individually. As for the time that may be required to perform the prosthesis, it may vary from a few hours to several months.

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