Methods of lip augmentation in cosmetology

Beautiful, plump lips make a woman more sexy and fresh. Every woman wants, as much as possible to be young and attractive. Beauticians and surgeons ready to satisfy the desire of women. Despite the popularity and safety of fundamental methods to make such sacrifices for the sake of beauty is ready to go not all. The more usual and familiar place for the correction of age-related changes is the beauty parlor.

Experienced professional offers various methods of lip augmentation in cosmetology. As a rule, any selected procedure takes no more than an hour. But for those who have low pain threshold, you will have to prepare for the pain. Although often uncomfortable, you can easily endure, especially for youth and beauty.

Quite painful injections are in place on the lips and around the mouth that require correction. In this way introduces a biopolymer gel, which affects the increase in the volume and restore the contour of the lips. Often the specialist proposes to make a local anesthesia to remove the discomfort. The effect of the stored procedure about a year.

Six lips will enjoy its smoothness and freshness after the introduction of the gel Restylane. Its ingredients are natural, so the drug is popular and recommended cosmetologists centers of aesthetic medicine.

Another substance that is injected by injection method is Botox. He will lift the corners of the mouth and smooth out facial wrinkles. Lip augmentation in this way will provide the effect for 4-6 months.

More recently, stars and "ordinary" beauty was fond of silicone, considering it the solution to all problems. Today, it gradually goes out of fashion, giving leadership to the natural gels. Only a true professional can do neat "silicone" lips. As a rule, the use of a substance attached to the face of vulgarity. Although it should be noted that the effect of the procedure is maintained for many years.

Tattooing is able to give a clear outline of the lips, a beautiful shape and bright color. But we must be prepared several times a year to repeat quite a painful procedure. In addition, this method will not eliminate wrinkles around the mouth, therefore, acceptable for women 35 years of age.

One of the most effective ways to make the lips beauty is electroporation. It implies the introduction of hyaluronic acid by a special apparatus. Transplant your own body fat is quite safe, if the material is properly prepared.

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Each procedure is quite specific. But those who are determined to correction, will find his method among the list of cosmetic services for lip augmentation.

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