Methods of facial rejuvenation

Modern medicine provides women with many options for facial rejuvenation.

One of the most popular methods is mesotherapy. The essence of this procedure is the introduction of vitamins, collagen, essential drugs directly into the skin. In order to achieve the desired result, you will have to spend 5 to 10 sessions of mesotherapy. The effect of the procedure will continue for several years. Contraindications to the use of this method of rejuvenation is pregnancy, rehabilitation after surgery, cancer and gallstone disease, disorders associated with blood clotting.

To combat shallow age wrinkles good method of introducing biogels and threads, which are able to compensate for the lack of muscle tissue and collagen fibers, as well as inhibit the further deepening of wrinkles. Biogel is introduced in small portions intradermally. A large number of gel cannot be used, because it can start to spread under the influence of its own weight. A month later, all the input tests will dissolve, but during this period of time in places of their stay actively proliferate collagen fibers. At this stage, if necessary, you can spend a point of adjustment by Biogel in those areas of the skin where the effect was worse than expected.

When there are many small wrinkles, the appropriate use of grinding (deep peeling). This procedure usually provokes the onset of active regeneration of the skin. For grinding should take responsibility for the selection of a specialist, so how inappropriate his level of professionalism can lead to infection and the appearance of unsightly scars on the face. The procedure involves the removal of the top thin layer of the skin. So, to maintain the regenerative processes of the skin needed more antibiotics, and other drugs. Contraindications to this procedure are low immunity and Allergy.

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Can be rejuvenating treatments at home, such methods are the most secure. Rejuvenating effect infused with sage leaves and lavender red wine. Take it inside just 30-50 grams twice a day. You can prepare a rejuvenating balm formulated with garlic and white fortified wine. Effective natural home masks, oils and baths with bran.

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