Methods of determining the sex of the baby

All parents wonder what sex would be their future child. To wait for the ultrasound, which can give the answer only after the second trimester of pregnancy, it's too long, so below is a more rapid determination of the sex of the baby by ultrasound.

Sex determination of the child on the date of conception

The sex of the baby is formed after the fusion of egg and sperm, as well as the egg does not have "sex", gene sex carries the sperm. Therefore, the sex of the baby depends only on men.

Female gender is formed, if the merger occurred with the carrier of X chromosomes, the male with the carrier of XY chromosomes. As for the date of conception, it can only take place in the period of ovulation, that is when the fallopian tube from the ovary enters the Mature ovum. The time of ovulation - the middle of the menstrual cycle. It is worth considering that the sperm with the X chromosome are not moving as fast as the sperm with the XY chromosome, but "live" much longer. So if a couple wants a boy, they need to conceive a child right in the middle of the period of ovulation.

"Update" blood parents

This theory is very interesting, her readings always been known for their high reliability. There are researchers who argue that human blood is periodically updated. Women every three years, for men every four years. Blood can be updated and at the time, transfusion and large losses of blood. When calculating these facts should be taken into account.

For example, a man is 30 years old, and the woman is 25 years.

1) 30:4 = 7,5;

2) 25:3 = 8,3.

In the first case, the remainder is 5, the second - 3. According to the results we can say that we had a girl, as in counting the number of "updates" from the mother of the rest turned out to be less.

According to popular superstitions

There are also many folk omens and superstitions that have developed in the past. Here are some of them.

If a pregnant woman is in the last term keeps the waist (when viewed from the back) will be a boy.

If the child often moves - boy, because they behave more actively.

If a woman who is pregnant, suffers from toxicity and loses beautiful appearance, they say that beauty takes daughter. Daughter born, if a pregnant constantly wants sweets. If you want something dairy - son.

Parents who are over thirty, most likely expecting a daughter.

Of course, these methods are not guaranteed to be one hundred percent accurate, but it's nice sometimes to try to guess who is the child a boy or girl? During pregnancy, you can use all of these methods, and then to verify that they work or not.

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