Methods of correcting the bite

Unfortunately not all are endowed with a straight and beautiful teeth. And how do you want to dazzle everyone with his beautiful smile. With this problem you need to fight. It is important to choose a good orthodontist.

The bite is the position of the teeth closed up. To correct the bite should anyone who has even a slight deviation, so as malocclusion can lead to various kinds of diseases.

Causes of malocclusion pretty much the main ones are:

1)genetic transmission from generation to generation structure of the jaw;

2) chronic - various diseases of the nasal cavity, forcing to breathe for a long period through the mouth;

3) bad habits - long sucking pacifiers in childhood;

4) received injuries.

The consequences of malocclusion very serious. Malocclusion can affect appearance, perhaps even changing the shape of the face. In addition, disturbance of speech or facial expressions. But the most common effect is premature tooth loss and caries formation.

Bite correction is better to start from early childhood, when the tooth-jaw not yet fully formed. However, there are methods of orthodontic treatment for adults. The earlier you start the treatment of the bite, the more likely it is that you will not need surgical intervention.

Most often used for children bite correction with the help of treatment. It is a complex repetitive exercises that must be done on a systematic basis. Exercises for the muscles of the mouth.

Nothing is inferior to using a hardware method of alignment. It involves the use of plates, trainer, kapov or braces. With their help you can change the shape of the jaw.

Very rarely correct bite with surgical intervention. It is used mainly for gross pathology. Very often this method is used along with hardware, so I called complex.

Quite often in practice began to be used orthodontic method. It is a complex of exercises for the masticatory muscles and the simultaneous use of braces or other devices bite.

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In Russia more prominent to bite correction with braces. Although this process is quite lengthy. However, the result will exceed all expectations. Your beautiful smile will not go unnoticed.

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