Metal-free dentures

Today one of the most popular types of dental prosthetics is all-ceramics. This method involves the production of designs from specially designed extra strong ceramic. The aesthetic appearance of the product provides not need to add a metal frame to the final product.

Ceramics used for the manufacture of crowns and veneers. If in the first case, the tooth is processed completely, the second - processed the front of it. Also all ceramic crowns made of various ceramic plates and tabs used to replace the old large fillings. This allows to extend the life of the tooth, losing a minimum of hard tissues.

All-ceramic crowns look more advantageous than products made of metal. The absence of the crown of the metal allows to obtain a high-quality display color, eye color depth. In the manufacture of metal-free ceramics all wishes of the client are satisfied to the fullest.

Prosthetics by this method has the following advantages:

• no metal, which eventually leads to the darkening of the gingival margin;

• exact fit, no cavities for casting;

• the maximum approximation to the shade of the natural tooth;

• durable fixation with cement double rejection;

• use to create a prosthesis biologically inert materials;

• the use of zirconium oxide, which contributes to the consolidation of the frame;

• no negative influence on the body;

• long life;

• light weight;

• close to tooth enamel coefficient of elasticity, the ability to preserve the integrity of the teeth in front of the prosthesis;

• close to tooth enamel coefficient of abrasion;

• fine ceramics minimum grain of teeth;

• method of adhesive fixation, in some cases, eliminates the need for saw cut teeth;

• no discomfort when taking hot and cold food.

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Contrary to popular belief, that all-ceramics are not very suitable material for dental prosthetics, which have the chewing load, dentists all over the world consider this the ideal way to restore lost teeth "smile", and for posterior teeth. By the way, high strength all ceramic used to create dentures, confirmed by numerous experiments that dispel the myth of its fragility and vulnerability.

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