Mesotherapy of face - indications and contraindications of the procedure

Facial mesotherapy is an effective and modern way to improve the condition of the top layer of the epidermis. It is based on the introduction of special drugs and vitamins that produce collagen and improve skin regeneration.

Chosen individually for every woman excellent cocktail containing B vitamins, medicinal extracts, nutrients, you'll be able to save yourself from even the deepest wrinkles and skin problems (acne, freckles, acne).

Indications for mesotherapy of the face:

Getting rid of wrinkles;

Rejuvenation of aging skin;

Improving the circulatory system;

Restore healthy skin color;

Changing the shape of the face;

Post-operative rehabilitation (scars, scars);

Improvement of the skin structure.

Already after the first treatment, you will feel the result. The skin will become soft and pleasant to the touch. After the 3rd session, you will see the expected beautiful and pleasant face without wrinkles or bad rash.

In our day to do mesotherapy of the face can almost everyone. The results you will achieve will not only improve the condition of your skin, but this will give confidence in their abilities. Mesotherapy affects not only the epidermis, but also on the internal state. To improve sleep, decrease stress. It is perfectly safe and at a price inferior to plastic surgery. Many are asking: "does mesotherapy pain?" The sensation of pain will depend on the person's sensitivity. This procedure in the area of the face is in the shots with the content of drugs. Needle thin, not injected deep under the skin, resulting in the patient practically nothing feels. The drug is injected slowly and evenly in those areas of the face where there is a problem. The drug is rapidly absorbed and does not extend across the face.

What are the side effects

The individuality of every human body will be certain consequences.

Pain in the area where he administered an injection;

The formation of a small bruises;

Tissue necrosis (can occur if you enter a drug in the deeper tissues);

Most often, any effects of mesotherapy occur when the failure contraindications or inexperience of the doctor.

So, what are the contra-indications:

The failure of the immune system;

Disease cancer of the character;

Allergies to drugs;

Child bearing;


Diseases of internal organs;


Disregard contraindications may cause complication.

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