Menu planning saves 2 thousand dollars a year

British intelligence estimated that the average family could save fifteen hundred pounds sterling (more than two thousand dollars a year on food, if just beginning to plan your menu and expenditures on food weekly.

Scientists from the Department of Health found that all Housewives have become less willing to order food, buy more fruits and vegetables ,once made a food plan, having listened to a number of consultations.

The health of the UK campaign "Change your life", in which 20 families were interviewed, they were asked to write down what they bought, ate and drank for 2 weeks. After the first week, participants received advice on how to plan a budget and make a menu for the week.

In the second week they saved on eating about 30 pounds, half the cost has decreased due to reduced orders pizza and other prepared food. That is the year so you can save 1508 pounds.

85 percent of participants said that will plan your menu and further, in addition, many noted that they began to feel much better as I started to eat more balanced. It turned out that nutrition is much cheaper than all the snacking, and therefore health, helps to save money.

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