Menthol prevents quit Smoking

Menthol cigarettes do not contribute in the fight against harmful habit, it is especially difficult to refuse them the Puerto Rican and black.

Researchers from the Cancer Institute of new Jersey brought the statistics, according to which often smoke menthol cigarettes women aged 18 to 24 years. On race these cigarettes have the biggest craving blacks (71, 8%), then Hispanics (28.1%) and then whites (21 percent).

Those who are accustomed to smoke menthol cigarettes were less likely to quit Smoking than those who smoke regular, and therefore, blacks rarely quit Smoking in General.

The difference in the percentages of groups of people who were able to quit Smoking regular cigarettes, and people who threw menthol cigarettes, suggests that the menthol is a hindering factor in the fight against addiction.

It is on the basis of this study the Department of food and drug administration of the USA is considering to ban the sale of cigarettes with menthol.

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