Mental illnesses can be people, biting nails

The habit of biting nails is recognized as similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Pathological habits can be expressed in the form of pinching, twisting strands finger and trichotillomania (when pull out the hair on the head or other part of his body).

Obsessive-compulsive disorder called obsessive state, which may be chronic, progressive or episodic in nature. It is related to the emergence of the human Intrusive, disturbing, or frightening thoughts. Different obsessions. To get rid of them man are Intrusive and tedious action compulsie.

According to psychiatrist Robert Kaplan, in the seemingly innocent habits may be hiding the real mental disorder. For example, trichotillomania facing women in 8-14% of cases, and slightly less than men. It may suffer as elementary school students, and adults.

But the psychiatrist at the University of California Dr. Carol Matthews believes that the diagnosis should be made only out of habit, really distracting or disturbing. Therefore, if a man bites nails, it is not always possible to speak about obsessive compulsive disorder.

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