Mental illness life expectancy - the scientists

Research group of Oxford University conducted a study which concluded that serious mental pathology can reduce the life expectancy of the patient on 7-24 years. The result is similar to Smoking one pack of cigarettes a day or more.

As a rule, patients with mental illness behave inappropriately, it is risky. Some of them are prone to suicide.

Data on the reduction of life expectancy were installed during the meta-analysis of 20 studies. Scientists began to make out the details about 1.7 million people, 250 deaths. It turned out that in schizophrenia the average duration of human life 10-20 years less patients with recurrent depression live less than 8-10 years. The analogy. The average life expectancy of a smoker is less than an average of 8-10 years, the alcoholic or addict from 9 to 24 years old

The problem, scientists say, is very important. It must be addressed at the state level. Mental health is a real value. Often mental problems provoke people to rash acts.

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