Mental health of the child depends on the mental state of his mother

For a long time it is known that between the infant and the mother, there is a strong emotional connection. Young mothers every day we see examples mentioned relationships. Meanwhile, recent scientific research has confirmed its existence. American scientists have proven that a strong and healthy sleep of a newborn baby is directly related to a mental state in which there is his mother.

Experts from the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study during which they watched the 45 families who have grown children from one month to two years. During observation, the experts noticed that the more young mother suffered from postpartum depression, the worse slept with her baby. The child's sleep became more restless as the mother became more intense her mental disorder.

Professor of Pediatrics and physiology, head of the aforementioned research Douglas Aunt said that sleep disorders in children, caused by such a condition of his mother, can cause him mental disorders in future life. The way out of the situation may be a change in the status of the mother, because of her anxiety and fears are transferred to the baby. Therefore, scientists recommend being depressed mothers not to hold too long on the hands of children, and not leave them to sleep beside him as depression status may also be assigned to them.

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